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Your career starts with you!


You are talented. You successfully finished your studies and achieved other great things along the way. A great future really is within your reach. But that only increases the pressure. Because how do you get your hands on it?

The truth is this: you may indeed be talented, but you’re no leader yet. You don’t even know for sure just where your greatest potential lies, what organizational context fits this potential, let alone what you should change and improve before you can actually turn your talent into true leadership.

That’s where we come in. 

ORMIT has been perfecting its development programme since 1994. We believe that we can accelerate your personal and professional growth by combining the following elements:

-For a two-year period, you will be assigned to different projects or roles in a complex and challenging environment

-You will participate in an intensive two-year training programme focused on (personal) Leadership skills, stakeholder management and project management methods.

-You will be assigned a personal Talent Development Manager (TDM) to provide you feedback on your development. TDM is co responsible for your development throughout the two year Traineeship. You will have frequent coaching sessions with your TDM, he/she will guide on a personal level and will guide you to your future position.

-Intervision meetings are conducted designed to stimulate knowledge exchange and learning among fellow trainees. This means feedback that cuts to the chase, honest observations and enduring friendships;

-The ORMIT Experience: Being employed at a Great Place To Work with enthusiastic colleagues in a culture characterised by pride, pleasure and trust!



What we look for in our Trainees

- A master degree.
- Affinity with personal leadership  
- A maximum of three years working experience  
- A track record in extra curricular activities


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