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Do you want to be a truly good consultant and add value to your clients with your advice?
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Do you want to be a truly good consultant and add value to your clients with your advice? There may be studies that give you knowledge in the field of technology or external safety issues, but you don't learn in school how you turn that knowledge into good advice.

At Tebodin as a junior consultant, you learn about all aspects surrounding external safety. By combining these segments with other external safety affiliations and good process management, you will end up with a solid advice that genuinely helps clients to improve their business performance. This way, you make a valuable contribution to the profitability and core business of the client.

You learn the craft of consultancy from true masters. Under the guidance of one or more experienced professionals, you learn the tricks of the trade. This way, we stimulate you to grow into an independent and competent consultant who knows how to make the most of themselves. You can draw from a huge source of knowledge in the areas of acoustics, air quality, environmental management, external and fire safety.
Besides that, you can be deployed on engineering projects. You translate each aspect of the project to its impact on external safety and check whether changes in the operational process lead to problems for the license to operate. This way, you have a large influence on the success or failure of a project at a client, as a consultant.

Tebodin is the only consultancy and engineering firm which exclusively focuses on industrial clients. We really understand what happens in the industry and business processes of the client. We can see the bottlenecks, can place these in the right context and provide targeted and specific solutions. Through continuous conversation with the client, we can create a bridge between their technical problems and the required solutions.

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Tebodin is prepared to invest in you, with training programs and good guidance by experienced people. We also expect an investment in yourself from you. You want to learn and understand matters, in balance with the available time. You go the extra mile to get what is needed. You are highly autonomous and mobile. Sometimes you work on a national project, and sometimes you have to work at another office to cooperate with the local specialists. You are a strong communicator, are open to contact and good at cooperation.
Furthermore you:

  • Want to eventually develop in acquisition and account management
  • Are willing to improve your writing skills
  • Have a Master degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Are fluent in spoken and written Dutch and have a good command of the English language

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First: a good job in a pleasant work climate within an international company. Furthermore: a complete package of benefits:

  • A good salary (reflecting education and experience) with a bonus system.
  • Pension plan (available in different packages) and collective health insurance.
  • Flexible working hours
  • 29 days vacation
  • Personal and technical coaching

Over Tebodin

Come and work for Tebodin and you will experience true team spirit. Although Tebodin is a large worldwide engineering company, the way we help and pay attention to each other feels like a small, family business. Your colleagues are ambitious and hardworking, but having fun in your work and with colleagues is important for us. You can wear your suit when you visit our clients, but don’t have to do this every day. Smart casual is more than good enough to feel comfortable within Tebodin. Try and get to know your colleagues a little bit better and visit our unofficial Friday afternoon drinks, staff activity of Young Tebodin events.

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